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please tell me how i download the free set up of microsoft powerpoint and ms world email address is (email removed by moderator)
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  1. There is no free version of MS Word 2007, PowerPoint 2007, or Office 2007. To use it, you must purchase a license.

    You can download and install some MS products and use for a trial period. But to continue use, you must purchase a license.

    Tom's Forums do not support software piracy.
  2. 1. Do not put your e-mail on forums unless you LOVE spam.
    2. Never gonna get it FREE from here.
    3. If all you need is something that works with office files(and looks similar), try OpenOffice or LibreOffice.
  3. I wonder why more people don't know about free office software.
  4. ram1009 said:
    I wonder why more people don't know about free office software.

    Because many assume that you must use MS products. OpenOffice has been around for years and I have been using since the very beginning. LibreOffice is "newer", but is also an excellent alternative to MS Office.

    For that matter, there are GREAT OS options that would meets the needs of most users that are free as well, but that is a different beast altogether (as in Linux).

    Many "believe" that you must pay for quality and ease of use. Obviously, that is not the case at all today.
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