P4 3.0 vs 3.2

Can anyone give me information or their opinion on whether the $125.00 difference in price (Newegg) for the 3.2 over the 3.0 is worth it with respect to performance gains?

Is there going to be a new processor hitting the market any time soon that would force prices down? Thanks for any info
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  1. New chips 1st qutr 04.
  2. I probably won't OC much. Things seem to be stagnent with processors right now and im about to pull the trigger. I am just wondering if im going to notice a $100.00 worth of difference.
  3. $175 now. That's what I payed for my 2.4C in July
  4. When Prescott comes out I believe you can get a 2.8GHz Prescott for the price of today's 2.6C .
  5. Yup that's what I read.
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