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where can i buy a quite fan for my dell laptop, i bought the new vostro 3400 and the fan is always on and loud, the airs not hot either which is weird. i returned my dell inspiron last week because it did overheat and the build quality is **** but i like the laptop except that the fan is always on. please help, i dont want to return this one too
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  1. There aren't really any other fans you can use.

    However, you can adjust your power profile to lower your CPU clockspeed and the fan should slow down.
  2. do you know what the best software for that "frozenlead"

    also does anyone know about this... i was thinking about purchasing this.. but not sure

    got the thought from this article

    can anyone spare some time to figure this out, thanks!
  3. anything..?
  4. The thermal paste really won't affect your temperatures that much. Maybe by one or two degrees, but the power settings will give you better results.

    The software you need is built into windows. Just go under control panel and play around with the power settings.
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