lost ports with new install of Win98

I installed a new hard drive and resinstalled win98. I have most of the drivers reinstalled, but I cannot get windows to find my dial-up modem. In fact when I check the system resources, the com port (3) where the modem was installed does not appear at all. If I boot from the old HD, everything is as it should be, the modem is installed on com port 3 and works.

To install the new HD, a western Digital 80gig, I had to use the included program which overides my bios so the large drive is recognized. Is it possible this new bios is screwing up the ports in some way.IN addition, when I run p & P I am informed that a PCI serial controller needs to be installed. I cannot find the driver anywhere. Again when I boot from the old HD , there is no problem. Would the two issues be related? If so could I resolve it by stealing the PCI driver from the old HD? If so, where would the driver be located on the old HD?

Thanks for any advice.

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  1. usually you have only 2 serial ports per mobo and the 3rd is created by the modem... if the modem is a pci modem win 98 does not see it as a modem but as an unrecognized pci device if one of these appears in device manager with an exclamation point choose it select update or install driver and install the modem driver manually for it there

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