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Couple of questions before upgrade

Hey guys,

I'm an XP gamer about to upgrade to Windows 7 finally. I got a new video card and another stick of ram. I feel like I've got an adequate system to upgrade now. However, I've got questions before I tear the plastic open... I think can still send it back at this point. ;)

1.) Should I install the 32-bit or 64-bit version? Which will yield the best performance for my system?
2.) Will I see an improvement with my quad core? Will it be noticeable with gaming?
3.) Is all my hardware compatible with Windows 7? Do I have enough memory?
4.) Can 7 be tweaked for gaming the way XP can? (minimal services/visuals/processes etc)

Current setup:

core2quad Q6600 @ 2.8ghz cpu
ASUS v60 heatsink fan
XFX HD 5770 128-bit 1gb ddr5 (927/1300) vcard
MSI g31tm-p21 intel G31 chipset
PNY Optima 3gb dd2 800mhz
Western Digital 150gb ATA hdd
Maxtor OneTouch 4 500gb external hd
SB Hush series 580w psu (single rail 12v 25a)
ASUS MS226 22" LCD monitor
Win XP Pro 32-bit SP2 (tweaked for gaming)
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  1. 1) 64 BIT.
    2) In gaming I'm not sure. Video games seems to run a little better in Dual Core's Systems.
    3) Yes. It is compatible. 4 Gigs will be better, though it's enough for basic gaming+.
    4) Yes (I'll expand this answer later)
  2. Thanks for the reply. I have also heard that dual core is better for gaming as well. Not sure, but do know any more about why ? Also, I'll come back to this post for an explanation on #4 once I've gotten 7 installed.
  3. Well.. most of the games today aren't optimized for quads. They just don't "know" how to use the resources of quad core effectively.

    Quads are very good for multitasking, particularly with cpu heavy applications. Some applications are multi core optimized. Folding would be good for a quad.

    #4: You can tweak any operating system to achieve maximum performance.

    You can stop services exactly like you did in XP (by MSCONFIG)
    And you can mange and change visual settings for better performance.
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    You've cocked up your dual-channel RAM though if you have 3GB over 3 sticks of RAM.

    Personally with only 3GB RAM I would install 32-bit.
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