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ok so im looking for the best gaming laptop that comes under $700, ya i know thats quite a low budget for a 'gaming' laptop, so im not hoping for an exceptional laptop any ways, so basically, all im looking for is a good graphics card, nothing else, dont need to much hard disk, a really good processor, a big screen, just a good graphics card. something as good as or hopefully better then a gt 230m :D.. btw that dosent mean it must b nvidia, im just as happy with an ati card. the laptop shouldnt be of msi , samsung or fujitsu, cause ive havent heard good things about their laptops. and lastly, although the fact that the price is in dollars should make it obvious, im looking for laptops in the us.
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  1. A little less CPU and a little more GPU (HD 4570) should get you a better overall gaming experience.
    In your budget range something along these lines should do well for you.

    ASUS K50 AD-X1 $650 AMD Turion II M520(2.3GHz) / 4GB / 320GB / 15.6" 1366x768 LCD / Mobility Radeon HD 4570

    Acer Aspire AS5542G AMD Turion II M500(2.2GHz) / 4GB / 320GB / 15.6" 1366x768 LCD / Mobility Radeon HD 4570
  2. thanks, but no thanks, there are better options available like this one :

    get that upto a 5145 graphics card (which is better then 4570), and it costs 660$, plus its core i3 which is like MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER a processor..

    in any case, im hoping for a better gpu though, if i cant find one i will probably go for this model. in any case, neither is as powerful a gpu as i stated "gt 230m", they dont even come close infact..

    u can look at mobile gpu ranking here: ..
  3. no other suggestions :/..any one?
  4. No, that Toshiba with the Mobility 5145 and required battery is $764.
  5. it seems ur mistaken, see there are 3 battery options
    1: 6 cell for integrated graphics (this is selected by default)
    2: 6 cell for discreet graphics
    3: 12 cell for both integrated and discreet graphics

    when u pick 5145 as the graphics card, change the battery option from 1 to 2 (both cost the same but u just need to change the option). if u change the battery option to 3, for 12 cell, then itll become 764, else if u change it to option to, which is 6 cell for discrete graphics , itll be $660
  6. Ill say this much for 700 bones no gfx card is going to support ur needs. Both the AMD and Nvidia are entry level options, which leave alot to be desired
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    If you can spend the extra $100 (+ $15 more for shipping) have a look at this:

    The HD5650 is a decent GPU and at this price I think it is an excellent value.

    Here is a thread devoted to the notebook:

    Hope this helps.

    Also there are a few refurb Asus available with a stronger GPU (but run hotter as a result):
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