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I have a SOny Vaio laptop with an Nvidia 8400MT Card.Last night i was playing a game Need For Speed Carbon when the laptop froze (sound and sirens still buzzing), so i forced a shut down. I tried to restart my laptop by today but there were different pattern distortions on the Bios start-up screen. and then it freezes at the point of loading windows OS. Windows starts up in Safe Mode though and the patterns do not show anymore then. I suspect it may be a problem with the graphic card. Please can anyone help with this. I can nolonger start the computer in normal mode as it attempts to reboot everytime it goes past the black bios sttart up screen
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  1. My vaio is doing the same thing. The chip is soldered by a BGA "ball grid array" apparently excessive repeated heating of the chip can cause stress cracks in the balls of solder. My system still boots but I keep my system extremely dust free to reduce heat but I also play heavy 3D games which increase video heat. if you do not intend to try to fix your system please let me know, I will consider buying your broken laptop if it is the vgn ar620e.

    Any way it may need re-soldering or a new G86-630-A2.
    The mother board cost a ridiculous amount "$600" so I do not consider it an option.

    I heard that this occurs because nvidia did not give Sony the proper cooling requirements for the G86-630-A2 Chip-set.
  2. thanks. mine is an AR630e... so u're saying it'll be ok if i resolder... got the system on ice (idle) for a while now. i've tried to get it fixed twice now but it keeps reverting. the guys simple get thw chip out and apply some coolant layer before fixing it back. rally not good with the hardware stuff...
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