Buy prebuilt or build own?

I ask this because my os is from a 2000 gateway comp(98se)w/work and works. All this software is dated, so I'm thinking that if I built my own comp I would have to buy new software for it as well. This would add considerable expense to that comp build. However, it seems that I could buy a comp w/new software for it for about the same money $US1600-1800.
What do you think would be the better route for me. I mostly play fight sims, do photo editing, and some day would like to be able to burn to dvd.
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  1. First of all i am not one of the most knowledgeable people here.After saying that though,i would say build your own.I think the cost will be just as much,maybe more but,you will know what you have,how to work with it,and it will be better parts.The main thing will be researching to find the correct parts for what you want to do which will take a lot of time on your part.Once its done,and it can be a headache,you will be very pleased and know that you did it yourself.If you do not want to take the time then have one built(a guy by the name of crashman who is the guru of this forum would do one for you).I have only been involved in this a little over a year and have built 3 units.I would not trade that time for nothing,enjoyed every minute of it.If you decide to build this is the place to ask questions they have helped me out a lot---and thats my 2 cents

    The man of steel said that
  2. You might get by with just a new mobo, power supply, memory, and cpu/heatsink. I would post the model number of your gateway. Someone else can tell you if the mobo and power supply are proprietary, or the standard atx variety. Personally, if you aren't inclined to go through the hassle of building your own, I would sell your old system intact, and get another $499 gateway special, and upgrade just the memory and add a decent video card yourself. You can get the video card refurbished at newegg for less than $100, and a stick of 256 meg pc3500 will go for $40-60.
  3. My two cents build your own.
  4. I've updated my current gateway from 500mhz to 1.4ghz via powerleap. Added a ati 9000 pro, and have 512mg ram. I'm limited to 100fsb thou. I would love to build my own, however, I have a wife thats happy with this one(I know, my problem). I've been reading this forum for about 2 yrs now. But, far from being a guru, thats for sure. My mb is a bx440 that originally only supported up to 550mhz according to the sales rep at the time. I upgraded my power supply from 200w to a 350w. Stopped BSOD after that upgrade. Still get an accasional lock up, other-wise my wife thinks its the cats meow. I know better, and have been watching the prices dropping on the intel c processors. Makes me want to just jump in and get my feet wet, if you know what I mean. Actually, Ithink my wife wants this comp for herself. Would be great if I can convince her that I need a faster, more powerful comp to do better photo work and perhaps dvd copies of our rather large dvd inventory of personnel movies that our kids are borrowing all the time.
    I guess I'm just rambling on here, didn't entend on that. Thanks for the reponse thou.
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