Source disk won't boot after aborted clone attempt

Hi guys,

I hope this is in the right section, but I've looked everywhere for an answer and am running out of time.

I had a perfectly working 250GB SATA HDD that I tried to clone to a 1 TB SATA HDD. I used EASEUS's free disk copy software. The clone said it would take about an hour and 20 minutes, and I read that it would be quicker, as all the free space would not need to clone over sector by sector. I aborted so that I could use different software that would quick clone. Anyway, afterwards, neither HDD would boot.

The source drive should boot, as all it was the one being cloned and not written to. The cloned drive had the data on it, but it was just corrupted because the clone never finished. I tried to get into recovery console from the Windows 7 CD, and it kept saying it was the wrong version. Basically the program screwed up both my hard drives.

Finally, I was able to get into a UEFI recovery console that allowed me to see that the cloning program somehow changed my partitions into GPT. The source hard drive is all intact, and I'm pretty sure the only thing that is screwed up is the partition types and perhaps the boot record. Is there a way I can edit the partitions to make them back to normal and bootable again?

The only thing I was able to do so far was delete the partitions on the cloned drive (as it made them GPT as well), and install windows 7 on to that. So now I can boot into Win 7 from the cloned drive, but it has no drivers and programs. Ideally I'd just like to make my source drive which should have remianed unchanged bootable again and start the process over with a better, more tried and true cloning program.

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  1. Yep NTFS, and GPT dont mix. As you have found out, two completely different types of files systems with different file and drive pointers, and sector allocation, and also how it deals and stores boot record information. Stored in a different place on a GPT file system.
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