Good, compact laser printer?

I'm thinking of getting my mum a compact laser printer for Christmas. She's got a big, bulky inkjet printer that she uses for work, but she mainly prints text-stuff, so she'd be better off with a laser printer. I want to get her a small one, so she doesn't have to deal with the heavy-lifting involved with the big one. Anyone know of any laser printers that are relatively compact and cost less than $100?
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  1. Good choice -- laser beats inkjet for simplicity and reliability: You can see below that Samsung and HP have models in your price range -- Brother are also popular.;page
  2. Have a look at this one:

    I have 2 HP lasers- a standard laser jet and a color laser jet- and both have been very reliable and decent on toner use.
  3. Quote:
    You'd go with this Dell All-in-One Wireless Printer just for $70.00. Great performance, nice to use. It might worth u a peek.

    Above is an inkjet
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