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I want to used Internet Explorer 8 on windows-7 32 bit sysytem and am having trouble finding a link to it. If someone can help please send me the link so I can down load it or any suggestions you may have. Thanks Bob
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  1. IE 8 is built-in to Windows 7. If you've installed the IE9 update then all you need to do is uninstall IE9 via 'Control Panel->Programs and Features', select 'View installed updates' in the left column, then locate the entry for 'Internet Explorer 9', right-click on it and choose 'Uninstall'. Your system will be reverted to IE8 at that point.
  2. Hi, different guy here with a similar need... sorry if this question is too basic... so I uninstalled IE9, and now I have nothing, no icon... so how do I find/run IE8?

    I searched C drive for iexplore.exe... found dozens (???), clicked on one, and it tries to "set up IE9".

    please let a noob know: once IE9 is uninstalled, how would I run IE8?

    thanks for any help,

  3. So I d/l an IE8 setup .exe for XP... and when I try to install, I get the message:

    "Internet Explorer 8 is not supported on this operating system"

    ...which is annoying, since it CAME with IE8 originally. I upgraded to 9, then uninstalled 9... but where did 8 go?

    Something's gone wrong, obviously... I would like to know if there is somewhere I could obtain IE 8 specifically for Win7... not the XP version, or the Vista version (I can find those...)
  4. Very similar story as HarrySpider and previous comment, except with a twist:

    IE 9 was not listed in the Programs / Uninstall list. I had to luckily find a a related link "Turn Windows features on or off". Once I unchecked the IE9 box, I found that the Start button links to both 32 and 64 bit IE9's were gone. Neither of 8 or 9 are listed in the Uninstall list.

    Now, I can't find IE9 or 8 anywhere on the PC and I can't find a version of IE8 to download anywhere.

    Would be much obliged if someone could point me to a link for IE8 Windows 7 edition.
  5. I had several other issues, so I did a "repair install". It didn't fix everything, but it returned IE8

    I eventually did a complete "clean install" to get ALL problems fixed. And the PC now runs amazingly well, without all the extra things I never needed...

    good luck!
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