Toshiba DLP 46HM95 has sound and video but lamp is good

Our Toshiba TV as sound BUT no picture. We know is nt the lamp since we ave already replaced that TWICE and bought an "assisting" system that keep the lamps fan ON to keep the lamp cool (that's whatburn the lamp).

Any ideas if there is somethign int he SET UP? My grandchildren might have played witht he controls ..
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  1. Don't put any money into an older TV, you could have bought a new one for less already.

    If it's not the lamp it could be something else. Have you tried different inputs?

    I suggest you look for a new TV.

    Here is a decent 42" one, just make sure it has the inputs you need, looks to be mostly for HDMI devices

    You can also find many used ones on craigslist, it's where I got my 37" 1080p Vizio for under $200.
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