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Just got my new computer I built fired up tonight and got xp installed. Everything is going okay except for some random reboots when I was doing the video drivers. Seems stable now but will see.

When I look in the device manager I'm seeing two p4 2.8 processors in the processor tab. I tried uninstalling one of them and rebooted the computer and it decided to go through two more reboots before it finally loaded. And its still showing two processors again.

Any ideas on this one?
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  1. It has hyperthreading. Is it an 800FSB P4C? If so, it's because hyperthreading tricks the OS into seeing more than one processor.

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  2. Hello

    Thanks for the reply, yes after I got too thinking about it after my excitement of powering it up, I kinda figured that was the case. And yes its 2.8 800 with hyperthreading. And I was trying to figure out what was going on with the random reboots so thats why I uninstalled one.

    After it rebooted those last couple of times it hasn't done it at all now. Hopefully I got it cleared up with the updated drivers and such.

    But I'm not getting too c*cky yet:)
  3. I hope you installed the motherboard drivers almost immediately after getting XP to the desktop ? A small detail but very important.

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  4. Hello

    Well it probably wasn't immediate but I got everything installed that came on the disc except the raid controller. Will see about that tonight. The drivers were sound, usb 2.0(which it said wasn't necessary with sp1), and the ethernet drivers.

    Still seems to be stable after running all night
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