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Beginner seeking advice, want to overclock my P4

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November 17, 2003 10:49:10 AM

I have a p4 1.7Ghz and im starting to get annoyed with some programs not running as smoothly anymore, therefore I wish to overclock it. I have read alot of overclocking posts and on all possible sites and this one seems to be most trustworthy.
Here are my sys-spec:
P4 1.7Ghz
768mb ddr ram
Geforce4Ti 4800-SE
2 x 80gb Maxtor
mobo: Asus P4C800 Deluxe (its capable of supporting a cpu at maximum 3.2Ghz)

I know I need some form of better cooling, today I have one fan cooling the computer and one on the cpu. There is room for more though.

I´d appreciate all the help & advice I can get, I really need alot of info all from the basic stuff such as what cooling to have. Also im curious how much I can overclock my p4 1.7Ghz CPU. If you are missing some info of my system let me know and I will supply it ASAP.

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November 17, 2003 12:04:30 PM

Might want to figure out whats slowing down you computer before you overclock. IS it getting REALLY slow or are other computers around you just getting faster?

<A HREF="" target="_new">System Specs</A>

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November 17, 2003 12:39:49 PM

Well...I am running bigger and bigger programs that really push my system to its max. There is nothing slowing it down except the heavy programs I run on it. What do you mean " IS it getting REALLY slow or are other computers around you just getting faster?"...ofcourse the other comps are getting faster...duh..
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November 17, 2003 1:24:28 PM

Do you know what core that P4 is? and also what speed is your RAM. a Williamette core P4 will not overclock by that much, but if that's a northwood 'A' then you could be in luck, if your RAM is PC2100 or better.

But as DOH was suggesting, are you sure it's not just that you've got loads of background processes running now, sapping available power? Microsoft Office FindFast or similar resource-hogging garbage?

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November 17, 2003 3:12:20 PM

Well, its not any service or other prog that is running in the background withouth my knowlage. I am seeking advice on overclocking my cpu not whether my system is slow because of too many progs running in the background. I just want to boost my cpu speed, what else do you need to know except that, nothing.

My ram is PC2700 that I know, but im not sure what core my p4 is. Like I said before, is there a way of finding that out? Im downloading SiSoft Sandra, maybe I can see it there.