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It sounds like my 20gig IBM Deskstar is about to puke on itself. So I was thinking of getting either a 40-60gig Maxtor/Seagate/WD harddrive to replace this IBM drive. I wouldn't want to have to reinstall SuSE-Linux when I get this new drive because I pretty much have everything tweaked and configured to my likings. So is there something similar to Norton Ghost for Linux?? My partitions are formatted using Reiser file system, but Norton Ghost only support Ext2. And I'd like the option to expand all partitions (since it will be a larger harddrive). Is this possible and does anyone know how to do it or a program that can do what Norton Ghost can do???

Thanks for the replies!

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  1. I bet there's a Linux program that will do that. Probably just copy the parition over for you, and you'd have to load the MBR.

    But I know not where to find it.

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  2. <A HREF="http://www.partimage.org" target="_new">http://www.partimage.org</A> but I don't think it can expand the filesystem (but <A HREF="http://www.namesys.com" target="_new">resize_reiserfs</A> can, if you modify the partition table first).

    What I'd suggest is tar-gzipping each partition, and cutting a cd. Make a note of your partition structure and cut the .tgz files to CD. Once you've got it all backed up, you can boot the SuSE CD in rescue mode, fdisk the new drive, mount it and extract the .tgz files to it.

    Having said all that, it might be easier just to plug both drives in and copy the files over...

    PS. don't forget to run lilo again to install the boot sector on your new disk.

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  3. Thanks for the info, partimage was just what i was looking for. I was doing a little more searching my self and found a product by Acronis called <A HREF="http://acronis.com/products/trueimage/" target="_new">True Image</A> that creates an exact image of a drive with support for ReiserFS. It can only be installed in windows, but thats not a problems since I dual boot anyways.

    As far as tarring everything, I thought of that as a last resort if I couldn't find a decent program that can "ghost" my drive. But I may try out the Partition Image for Linux since it's free, w00t!! Thanks!

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