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Repasting my cpu

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November 17, 2003 8:35:47 PM


I have a 2500XP'but it seems to be running quite hot.
I was wondering if it's ok to remove my CPU Heatsink and Fan clean off he paste thats there delicately and apply a different kind of paste?

Or once you've done it once is it a never going back scenario??


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November 17, 2003 9:22:15 PM

There's no harm in 're-pasting' your CPU. Just remember to clean the HSF and the CPU well.

Nail varnish remover (acetone) is good, or even just a paper towel if it's not a stubborn Waxy pad.

Also remember to make sure to use a REALLY thin layer of paste on only the CPU die - it's supposed to fill in the holes between the HS and the core, no more. It should be almost see-thru.

That said, what exactly are your temps? I'm assuming you're running at stock speed and not overclocking.

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November 18, 2003 5:58:52 AM

My chips been running at about 58 Degrees.
But i did overclock it to run at 2000mhz instead of the stock 1800.
But i think thats because i smothered it.
I actually thought thats what you were supposed o do.

So you only actually put it on the raised Die and even then sparingly??

Have'nt go the paste yet.
Just enquiring.
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November 18, 2003 7:22:44 AM

If that's 58 when idle (not when under any real load) then that does seem rather hot.. (that extra 200Mhz won't actually have a very large effect on the temperature, but if you've increased the CPU Voltage it will)

If that's a high LOAD temperature, then it's high-ish but acceptable. that's about what mine tops out at, but that's because I can't stand the noise my Volcano 7+ makes on anything other than the LOW speed setting :eek:  ... So I sacrifice a little cooling power for the sake of my eardrums.

Re-apply the paste if you want to, but like I said, just put a REALLY thin layer on the CPU die. Thermal Paste is actually designed to fill in the microscopic gaps between the CPU die and the heatsink (As it's difficult to get any surface <i>perfectly</i> flat), because otherwise they'd be air pockets and act as insulation.

<font color=red>The preceding text is assembled from information stored in an unreliable organic storage medium. As such it may be innacurate, incomplete, or completely wrong</font color=red> :wink:
November 18, 2003 8:20:02 AM

Cheers for all replies.

When i am doing this is it ok to take the CPU out and rest it on a Hard Surface like a Hardback book or work inside the case?

November 18, 2003 6:40:08 PM

What they said above. A very small dab on the die. Mount the heat sink slow and carefully to avoid making air bubles in the paste.

As far working on it while in the case or removing it. I guess I feel a little clumsy and my eyesight ain't all that great, so I take the mobo out and place it on cardboard and work on a table top w/good light. I seem to have a little difficulty with removing the heatsink clip with a screwdriver, so removal is easier for me.

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November 19, 2003 4:58:05 PM

Taking it out and putting it on wood is fine, and like another poster mentioned put a thin layer of heatsink compound on the die only. I like to use an old credit card and layer it nice and thin. Also you should think about getting a good heatsink compound especially if you are overclocking like Artic Silver 3.

PS Artic silver 3 contains 2% silver and is therefore conductive so be careful not accidently put some on the traces of the motherboard or in between pins etc..
What i like to do is have a towel and some isopropyl alcohol near by to clean up if i make a mess :) 

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