Overclock AMD Thunderbird 1.1Gz

hello. i want overclock my computer.
This my spec :
Mainboard Kg7-Raid (Flashed Lastest Bios)
Processor AMD Thunderbird 1.1Gz
PSU 400W
256DDR Crucial Pc 2700
Hd Quantum40Gb 7200Rpm
DVD Rom Pioneer 16x

Please help me to overclock my computer at maximum performance but cool temperature. Please if anybody help me to answer me, please answer with detail(full with the bios setting).

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  1. Welcome to the forum. Although I personally am not competent to answer your question, I'll bet you'll have more luck if you post in the overclocking CPU section. Moreover, you may find that your question has already been answered. Use the search function. Good luck

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  2. just increase the fsb, if you encounter instablility increase the voltage. If your temps go over 55c full load back off. Your memory should allow you to push the fsb pretty far so that should be no problem, however i doubt your chip could take 166mhz fsb. I would shoot for 133mhz fsb that should leave you with a decent overclock.

    BTW all of these settings are in your bios, re-read the manual normally they talk a little bit about overclocking.

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