A7a266 with Xp cpu


Consider this:

CPU:Athlon Xp 2200+
MOBO:Asus A7a266/Bios 1012/rev 1.03
Mem :512 ddr
PSU: 320 Volts

I’m having problems with my new Athlon XP 2200+ cpu. I upgraded from an old Athlon 1333 mhz.

I heard that it was not recommended to put an Athlon Xp cpu on a A7a266 rev 1.03 mobo put i heard people doing it so i gave it a try. Its working fine but it will show as Xp 2000 instead of Xp 2200.

This is what i see in the Bios:

Cpu/Pci Frequency: 100/33
Cpu Frequency: 13.5
Cpu Vcore:1.600
+3.3v : 3.2v
+5v : 4.9v
+12v : 12.6v
+3vsb : 3.4v
+5vsb : 5.0v

When i try to increase the Cpu/Pci Frequency, my pc won’t go past POST.

1-What should be the correct values for the Athlon Xp 2200+

2-What can I do to obtain the correct values?

3- Is 320 Volts enough (I have 2 Hd and a DVD)

4- I saw something about JumperFree mode… Is it dangerous to mess with the jumpers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Looks like you are trying to run your pci bus too high. Where it says "cpu/pci frequency 100/33" see if you can change it to 133/33. That should allow you to up the fsb to 133, and give you 1.8 gigs ( that is the stock speed of the 2200 I think). Good luck
  2. If i change my Cpu/Pci Frequency to 133/33, it wont go past POST.

    Any other suggestions?
  3. you are using DDR266?
    maybe try to set cpu vcore higher..
  4. hmmm
    Is the multiply setting set to auto?
    You could also try
    13.5 x 133/33

    Are you using the right CPU cooler?
    Is your psu powerful enough?
    Does your ram support 133mhz operation?
    (e.g. PC133 or PC2100)
    Do you have the latest Bios installed?

    It could be like they said... that board just wont support that chip.

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  5. Go to advanced in the bios, and click where it says manual. You should get a popup with 3 choices in it. One will be manual, one will be 1350, and one will be 1800. Click the 1800. The line that has "133/100/33" should stay the same. I suspect that you have been trying to change the middle number (100) to 133, but that is your ram timing, and your ram is only rated for 100mhz.
  6. I have an msi kt266 board and it will only support up to a xp 2000 palimino core. If it was a 266a board it would do upto xp 2600. I have heard of ways to get it to work on my board but it would require removeing a capacitor and installing a hacked bios.
    You might be out of luck to get the true 2200 speeds but you can keep trying.
  7. These are the choices I have under Advanced

    Cpu Speed: [Manual]
    Cpu Frequency Multiple: [13.0x]
    Cpu/PCI Frequency (Mhz): [100/33] to [166/42]
    Cpu/Memory Frequency Ratio [1:1] [3:4] [Auto]
    Cpu Vcore Setting: [Auto] [Manual]
    Cpu Vcore: [1.600v] to [1.800v]

    Right now I am at Manual, 13.0x, 100/33, 1:1, Manual, 1.600V


    1- The only choice I have for Cpu Speed is “Manual”
    2- The only choice I have for Cpu Frequency Multiple is “13.0x”
    3- Update: I have 1 512 ddr 2100 Crucial memory

    What I have tried so far:

    1-Increased Cpu/PCI Frequency (Mhz) to 133/33 and then to 166/42
    2- Increased Vcore little by little up to 1.750v
    3- I have tried to go out of JumperFree mode by setting the dipswitches to 11.0X


    Everything I tried so far did not work as each time I save and exit, my computer hang up.


    A- Am I using the right CPU cooler?

    No, but it’s a better one, it’s a made of copper. By the way, I went from 60 Celsius (With my old 1333 mhz) down to 48.

    B- Is my PSU powerful enough?

    I really don’t know. Is 320 volts enough? I have 2 hd, a Dvd + my Geforce TI 4400.

    C- Does my ram support 133 mhz?

    I believe so, its 2100 ddr

    D- Do I have the latest Bios?

    Yes, V.1012

    Any other suggestions?

  8. The xp2200 cpu is supposed to run at 13.5 X 133 =1800 mhz. What speed are you at now?
  9. Im at 13.0 x 100 mhz

    Without succes I tried the following so far:

    13.0 x 133 mhz
    13.0 x 166 mhz
  10. Just found this on the Asus website:


    What should my jumpers be set at?
    What does the 10th jumper (Cpu ratio) is meant for?
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