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Hello everyone,
I am doing some research on remote desktop assistance applications. Currently my company uses ISL{which I am THOROUGHLY DISAPPOINTED in}
What would be a great replacement that would allow my helpdesk to control a remote PC, install applications, and improve the user experience?
If you had to rank the applications, please give me your top three...
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  1. With what OS? If your talking about Windows 7 - it already has a built in remote desktop, as well as offer remote assistance.

    Windows 7 built in remote desktop + remote assistance = I would give this a rating of 10.
  2. Two ideas come to mind. First, Windows since XP supports remote desktop natively. It's possible to use an asset tag to connect. (or the IP number.) Watch this funny video for example. (skip to 6:45 for the example.)

    I use the free version of logmein. I love it and it's never really gave me any problems. There was one when I first tried. I was on the same network and it didn't seem to be able to connect, so double check that before you use it. As a business I doubt you can use the free version.
  3. I also have remote users who are not in the domain... These users use VPN to connect to network resources.
  4. If they use VPN you should be able to do it via IP address.
  5. I directed my IT department to use Teamviewer. They love that because it can support different operating system versions plus mac if that's in your mix.
  6. Radmin, logmein are both good too. I've used both. Logmein is very good for remote users that arn't on a vpn
  7. Logmein is free for business users as well, unlimited users.
  8. If you are a small to medium size business you also might benefit from the use of Windows Intune. Windows Intune is great for both remote PC management and security in the cloud. In addition to remote access through Microsoft easy assist, endpoint protection and cloud based management, you can also use Windows Intune for the task of quickly deploying software to the registered computers on your network.

    In addition to the ability to remotely manage a machine outside of a domain and / or VPN connection, there are also upgrade rights provided via Windows Intune and more through this cloud based solution.

    More detailed information about Windows Intune and its features it offers, including remote assistance, can be found here.

    Windows Outreach Team – IT Pro
    The Springboard Series for Intune on TechNet
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