Surround sound on a laptop through HDMI

Hello people, I need some help with my audio setup. I've seen some similar topics, but they don't quite address my issue.

My PC is connected to the home theatre through HDMI cable directly, I'm playing a MKV file with DTS sound, but all I get is LPCM Dolby Prologic sound.. or at least that's what my reciver says.. i noticed that I get LPCM sound no matter what I play on the PC, and since I have a PS3 hooked up the same way and I get DTS and DD without a problem, I don't think my audio reciver is the issue but either some configuration on my laptop or the hardware itself..

Anyway, i hope i've been clear in my explanation.. any help would be much appreciated! thanks in advance!
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  1. read this:

    PCM is better than compressed formats of DD but is equal to DD-HD and other uncompressed formats. they might be recorded slightly different (ie, one a few db lower) but in general should offer the same sound quality.
  2. Thanks for the answer, interesting reading, but my point is not which of them is better, but rather that i'd like to be able to choose between them and decide for myself.. So what i really need to know is wether or not my PC can output DD or DTS sound, and how to choose between them.
  3. the first thing i would check is your soundcard and what surround sound formats it supports. does it support dd, dts and pcm? if so then perhaps there is a setting in the software package to specify.

    it might also not be a bad idea to delve into the audio properties of whatever media player you use. perhaps there is an option to pick dts/dd or pcm sound output

    of course i would make sure that you use the same disk or file that plays in DTS/DD on your ps3 to make sure it is supported. that you mention it.... if my memory is not failing me i believe my receiver also displays PCM when i use my pc and DD/DTS when i use my ps3. honestly i can not tell the difference though.
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