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I have a 1080p HDTV hooked up to both my Blu-Ray player (via HDMI) and also use it as my computer screen. I have a set of stereo computer speakers, and when I want to watch a movie on the Blu-Ray player, I just plug my computer speakers into the headphone line out on the back of the HDTV. The problem is, even with the speakers on max volume, it’s very quiet. I’ve tried adjusting the audio settings on both the Blu-Ray player and the HDTV to no avail. Is there anything I can do with the setup I have? And if not, could anyone recommend a set of speakers for the HDTV/Blu-Ray that are affordable and will fit on my desk?

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  1. i'm no audio guru but heres my take on things...

    lack of volume may be caused by the inability of the port to power the speakers. unless they are powered (with a ac plug) speakers then i'm not so sure.

    if that is the problem then technically an amplifier would work but i've never heard of people hooking up an amp (even a small portable one) to a pair of pc speakers. i've heard of with headphones but not the prior.

    seeing as how you probably have just a normal dvd/br player (not part of a HTIB set) then your two options are either getting those speakers to work correctly or getting a product like a soundbar.

    i've never hooked pc speakers up to my tv. personally i found the tv speakers to be adequate on their own up until the point where i purchased a full speaker set with receiver. you will be dealing with stereo sound in any case...

    as far as soundbars go...i believe they make ones for tvs without any sort of HTIB receiver. my guess is that they are externally powered and amp up the signal themselves but i've never owned one myself.
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