HP ZR24W a good choice?

heya all. wanted to know if the HP ZR24W would be a good choice? is 6:9 or 6:10 better for gaming? I can save 50 dollars if I get a Dell U2311H vs the hp ZR24W. I will be using the monitor for gaming mostly. I used the tft selector (24" choice) at http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/ and it recommended it along with the HP LP2475W & Dell U2410 both are over my budget (400).
as always, ty for your advice.
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  1. The HP ZR24W is mostly the HP LP2475W with little reduced features and a slightly lower color gamut and image quality.. Its an excellent buy none the less but for purely gaming purposes, i consider it an overkill.. IMO, if you are not very strict with color accuracy, a regular TN panel monitor such as the BenQ V2410T will please you enough..
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