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Hopefully this is an easy question for some of you guys.

Do the current range of P4's still suffer from the "de-normalising" bug?

And if so, is it easily fixed?

Many thanks in advance,
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  1. they dont have any bugs, which one are you talking about?

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  2. Many thanks for your prompt response, I guess I should've been more specific in my post.

    The bug I refer to is commonly known as the "De-normalising" bug, it was identified very soon after ther P4 was first released.

    Although not apparent in most applications, in timing precise applications such a digital audio production it causes occassional but very damaging 100% CPU spikes. Consequently the AMD platform is generally favoured within the music producing community.

    I'm looking to replace my PC and wondered if this had been fixed within the more recent P4's.

  3. Well, I do a pretty fair ammount of ripping, encoding, and burning (mp3, ogg, divx, etc)and I generally keep my cpu monitor up during that process (so that I can see any spikes-- they generally create skips.) I haven't had any spikes that weren't releated to an external cause (generally me slacking off and not shutting down my mail and im programs and it deciding to check mail and someone iming me at the same time.) I haven't seen one since I got my chip over a year ago. I did occasionally get them under windows 98, but I've not had any under xp. Which leads me to believe that either it wasn't directly related to being a P4 or it was some other problem (irq?) related to the motherboard. Shrug, basically its a non-issue now as far as I know and have heard from anyone.

  4. Many thanks for your assistance guys, I've since found further clarification of the problem I mentioned. It would appear that the issue is a combination of software & CPU, details available at;

    Guess I'll go for the Athlon option instead.

    Once again, many thanks for your prompt assistance.
  5. That article is a year old... I'm sure they have overcome any such issues through software updates by now. Also, I don't believe the P4C was available in October 2002 (they came out shortly after I built my new comp in April... grrrrr). Between that and a more than a year to update/patch software... I'm sure you'd have no problems with a P4C system.

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