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I was wondering if it was an OK idea to run 7 speakers off of a receiver that only has 5 channels. The reason I ask is that I have an extra pair of rear speakers that I was thinking of running together with my current rear speakers in the same channels, so essentially 2 speakers in the surround left channel, and two speakers in the surround right channel. I would imagine it would give a much wider sound overall. Would this be a good idea rather than going out and buying a 7.1 receiver? Would i lose a noticeable amount of quality in my rear channels?

The receiver in question that I have is this one:


I am using the speakers that come with the set. I ended up getting another one of the same set down the road which is why I have an extra pair of the same speakers.
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  1. That will be wasting electricity running the extra speaker because you will just get 5.1 sound, you won't perceive there is more sound source from different direction.

    Get a 7.1 receiver, or if you don't mind 5.1, just use 5.1.
  2. just putting another speaker on the left channel isnt going to help much unless you're trying to spread sound out over a large room in which case you *might* notice a little difference depending on where you sit but its still going to be 5.1 sound regardless.

    i didnt click the link but i know that insignia is a budget brand and personally i dont think its worth the money to upgrade a whole receiver just to power budget speakers unless 7.1 sound really matters that much to you. personally i'd just stay with 5.1 and keep two as spares, or use them on the set they came with to begin with.
  3. I know that it is still just 5.1 channels. Currently I have two rears directly to my sides, and a bare wall behind me, I only wanted to run the additional rear speakers behind me so the room will be entirely filled with sound.
  4. you can get room filling sound from just 5 speakers if you place them right.
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