Are There Any LED Backlit LCD with VESA Holes For Mounts ?!?!?

I have a dual arm ergotron monitor mount. I would like to replace my current 2 lcd monitor which are heavy and old for thinner led backlit LCDs ... But, I cant find any LED LCD with VESA holes in the back !?!? what the hell.... this is ridiculous...
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  1. I had found this one VX2250WM but it has speakers and I really dont need that... also the back is kinda weird looking, it is not uniform, there is a big bump in the back which i dont think was necessary for the vesa holes... i mean my current screens are regular LCD of 4 years ago and they have about the same thickness... soo
  2. Found another one Acer S231HLbid :

    Not that bad, it looks pretty thin, price is good, BUT it is only 5ms :/
    Also, the screen is matte and I was hoping to get glossy...
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