Processor underclocked on laptop?

My processor on my little laptop is currently supposed to be clocked at 1.83 ghz. However, as seen on this screenshot, it's clocked at way below that. I went into the bios to see if I could change that, but there was nothing in the settings I could change as I believe it was also locked. Is there something wrong here? I don't remember changing any settings. It'd be very appreciated if I could get an answer on the reasoning behind this and a possible solution.

Also, my core temps tend to get up really high.. up to 75 C on load. So if it's underclocked and still getting that hot, is it a bad thing?

Thanks in advanced for any responses..
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  1. It's normal. It's most likely a function called Enhanced Intel Speedstep. It will automatically reduce your CPU's core frequency and voltage when the CPU isn't under load. However, as soon as you put the CPU under load, it should return back to normal frequencies. So in actuality, the temp you are seeing is coming when the CPU is working at it's full 1.83ghz. It is a little high, but it is probably just a function of your laptops cooling ability.
  2. Well, I considered that, but I just started playing MW2 and Portal, which puts my temperatures up to load temps, but the speed still did not increase. So I'm not sure if that's the case right now. There's something going wrong here I think.
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