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Hi Guys,

My Budget £50 - £70 (max)

Im not an audio enthusiast so I dont knwo alot about the subject but was hoping I could get some advice on some PC speakers
(I would love some Bose but my budget is not even close)

They will be used mainly for music so the best quality speakers for that purpose would be great as they will be used mainly to listen to my music library from iTunes.

I only want a 2 speaker system or 2.1 with base as I dont really want anything big and ugly the samller the better with the loudest sound as ill use them to listen to music in the house.

Thank You
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  1. bose is not worth the premium price you pay by far. the only reason they may sound okay is due to other factors since from all the talk online they use substandard drivers.

    in that price range its hard to beat pc speakers made by logitech. try looking at the z313, z323 or z523. they are all small 2.1 systems.

    i've personally heard the z313 and for its price its not bad at all. i've owned a 5.1 system in the past and they have been good as well. not audiophile quality by far (dont expect that in your range) but definitely worth the cash.

    i know the subwoofer on my old 5.1 set used to be able to vibrate the walls of a room at max setting. not sure about the small units but it should be more than adequate.
  2. Hi ssddx,

    First of all thank you for your reply very much appreciated.

    Ive had a look at the logitech systems you suggested and have decided taht im definately going to go with one of them probably the 50 watt version I can get these on Amazon for £30 and save some cash until my budget can afford a little better. The only other system I was considering in the price range was Corsair SP2200 @ £42? (advice appreciated)

    How much would I need to make a purchase of audiophile quality? and could you please make a suggestion on this at the most affordable price?

    Thank You
  3. i've never heard the corsair set so i cannot comment on it. personally i would trust logitech more when it comes to speakers and perepherals and corsair more when it comes to computer cases, power supplies and ram.

    as far as audiophile quality goes...its not a simple yes or no question. we all have different tastes and different expectations but i can give you a few ideas.

    i have a pair of audiotechnica ath-m50 headphones which for the $150 price are comparable to headsets into the $300 range. personally i would consider them audiophile quality.

    i used to have an old logitech 5.1 set which i considered to be great for music and games as i never really noticed any things like distortion but i did get a crackle every once in a long time. for $99-120 or so i thought it was a great deal until i moved on to bigger and better things. i'd never go back now, but it was good while it lasted.

    an upgrade to normal pc speakers would have to be the top of the line logitech sets. i've heard that the top tier models can compare with some home theater systems in terms of sound quality.

    currently i'm running a home theater setup (receiver + 5 speakers + sub) for my pc and ps3 doing games, movies, etcetera. a pioneer vsx-30 receiver, klipsh quintet IV set and a 450w klipsh subwoofer. retail value around $1300 total. these arent the small cheap speakers in a HTIB set but decent quality ones (if on the lower scale of things). i'm very happy with the purchase.

    that said, going out and buying a $100 receiver and hooking up some speakers like the ones we have in our living room would work fine. they are black sony tower speakers about 3.5 ft tall which came two in a box from sears.com. for $120 or so a PAIR definitely a great deal.

    as you can see.....there are tons of options available depending on what your budget is and what you expect. i can recommend a few minimums on price but its entirely my own opinion and not fact. good for an idea but thats it.

    headphones: $100-200
    best 2.1 pc speakers: $200
    best 5.1 pc speakers: $400
    entry level ht 2.0 no sub: $250
    with sub 2.1: $330
    entry level ht 5.1 $500

    keep in mind that these are just very loose estimates as i'm just basing my opinion on products i've seen/would buy myself. one thing i would avoid at all costs are normal HTIB sets. they do work sure...but they aren't exactly built well and arent of the same quality as speakers you buy individually.


    as for the 2.1 set you are thinking about buying.... it should definitely keep you satisfied until you find its time to move on to bigger and better things
  4. Hi ssddx,

    Again thank you for your reply.

    I have found a 2.1 setup for my desktop priced at £70 but im struggling to find reviews on them and the guy in the store told me they are as good as any BOSE 2.1 setup if thats true ill buy them right away!!

    I was wondering if you had heard of these and if its worth me getting until I have the budget for soemthing better.

    ROTH Charlie 2.1

  5. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=ROTH+CHARLIE+2.1+REVIEW&gbv=2&oq=ROTH+CHARLIE+2.1+REVIEW&aq=f&aqi=g1g-b1&aql=&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=344l5938l0l6328l23l16l0l0l0l0l938l2110l5-2.1l3l0

    keep in mind that normally salespeople only care about making a sale and not about recommending a good product. most retails chains employ people who really do not know much of value so its best you do your own research.

    that said... no i've never heard of that set. personally i would still have to recomment getting one of the logitech sets and then upgrading in the future. with the ROTH set its entirely hit or miss...personally i'd trust a brand i know.
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