Large format networked tabletop printer with cheap ink/toner

Right now, my family has several HP Deskjets: 932C, 950C, and 9300, which have the advantage of using the same ink cartridges, but none of them are networked, and the cartridges they use have built-in printheads, driving up the price. I was wondering if there was a better printer for us, with the following requirements:
1. Large Format (11x17 at least)
2. Networked (either RJ45 wired or 802.11 wireless - my current router supports b and g, but apparently not n)
3. Tabletop (We don't have the floor space for a free-standing printer)
4. Inexpensive ink/toner/whatever (I'm not all that picky about whether it's inkjet, laser, or even some other type, as long as it supports color output)
5. Compatible with Windows XP through Windows 7 as well as Ubuntu

I don't need it to be an all-in-one printer (i.e. scanner included), though if it included a flatbed scanner instead of a feed-through scanner, that would be a bonus.
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  1. I forgot to look around at before asking this question, but some of the multi-function printers from Brother look attractive - the MFC-5890CN seems to meet my minimum requirements, but the MFC-6490CW adds a second paper tray and 11x17 scanning ability, and the MFC-6890CDW adds automatic duplex printing of 8.5x11 pages on top of that. Anybody have experience with those printers?
  2. In case anyone cares, I went ahead and ordered the Brother MFC-6890cdw, which seems to fit my requirements, though I underestimated the difficulty of installing the drivers under Ubuntu (the Brother site has linux drivers, but they're for x86, not x64) Also I seem to have failed at converting this thread from a question to a discussion.
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