dual xeon or dual opterton?

hey guys need some help in building a new rig. i am heavy into aliaswavefront's maya (3d app) and gaming. i have seen some of the tests here and see that the dual xeon is faster than the dual optertons. however, when will everyone start going 64 bit? i am looking to buy a new rig that will last me 2-3 years. which would u guys suggest? the dual opterton or dual xeons?

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  1. I would go with the one that was cheaper, or that you can upgrade more.
  2. You can go crazy with Quad Xeons.
  3. 64 bit won't be a significant force in a 2-3 year upgrade cycle. I would guess applications will start hitting critical mass about 3-5 years down the road for 64bit (especially if intel activates its 64bit soon.)

  4. I'm go over to <A HREF="http://www.2cpu.com" target="_new">2cpu</A> and ask those guys, they have alot more experience with dual setups and possibly be able to give you a sensible answer.

    Personally I am going to delay building my next Dually untill at least H2 2004. There is just so much new technology around the corner that I figure it's worth the wait.

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  5. If you're heavy into 3D, you would probably be better placed than most of us to answer your own question. Do you ever require near or above a gig , or two of allocated memory ? If not, then I doubt you'll be needing it soon.

    That being said, it doesnt hurt to be ready. If maya would ever got ported to AMD64, it may well give you a nice performance boost if nothing else.

    BTW, where did you see Xeons outperforming opterons on Maya ? Only tests I saw where Athlon FX versus P4EE, and though close, the FX won by a small ammount. I posted that link here a while ago.

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  6. hey guys..thanks for the feedback :). i will check out 2cpu.com and c what the deal is. right now a dual opteron machine will run me about $4,000, so maybe i will wait till next year and see how the market runs.

    with regards to the maya performance, i have seen a few articles. this one is a little old, it has maya 4.02, i need to find out where i saw the maya 5.0 article... anyways, have a look


    take care :).
  7. Yeah that benchmark is actually LOWER is better - so just a 1.6Ghz Opteron system is owning the 3.06Ghz Xeon system in Maya.

    I do believe you can actually get Opteron 244's (1.8Ghz) for about the same price as Xeon 3.06's too, so the Opteron system should be even better for about the same price. Opteron systems scale alot better than Xeon systems as you increase the amount of RAM too.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by RAIN_KING_UK on 11/23/03 02:37 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  8. As rain King pointed out; lower is better, so if the same result repeats with the newer Maya, there is no doubt what you should get.

    If a dual opteron is too expensive, you may want to have a look at a single Athlon FX, or a Athlon64. The FX is actually identical to the fastest Opteron 148 (2.2 GHz), the Athlon 64 misses a memory channel but uses cheaper (and faster) non registered RAM, so it shouldnt be too far in performance from the FX (with 10% or so.) A Athlon 64 is yours for $400. BTW, the opterons tested there (1.6 GHz) cost ~$300 so I wonder how you get $4.000 for the entire workstation. Surely its not the cpu('s) ?

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  9. Quote:
    I wonder how you get $4.000 for the entire workstation

    Well, try $500-$1000+ for a decent workstation video card to start with. Add on $1500 for a pair of Opteron 246s and $500 for a MOBO and you're well on your way to $4,000.

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  10. $500.00 American is $1000.00 Canadian perhaps he lives in Canada and he has to pay double what some of you American lads has to.
    Personally I cant wait to built a 64 rig and see what all the fuss is about :) (POWER)
    Many new games will run excellent in the 3D formats with either the Nvidia graphics cards or the ATI cards.
    Problem is for either of those Canadian they start at $800.00 Retail before TAX!!

    It's not our fault Intel was caught napping. Why not go with the industry leader AMD they are obviously doing something right.
    Intel is trying to play catch-up and waiting to see how the AMD chip performs then Intel will release a new chip with the locks off it so they can produce better scores but the chip will be inferior.
    Design time is around 4 years to produce a leap in CPU technology.
    It takes 5 years to make a coke can from mining the Cobalt to refining it into aluminium in cheap Hydro Electric Damns in Europe. By the time the ore and raw materials are shipped to the states and stamped into circles then stamped into a can painted almost 6 months in advance of the next Ad slogan the company wants on the can then stored later filled then has the lid pressed onto it, then stored then shipped to the store it's around five years.

    How do you expect Intel to produce a Viable 64 bit CPU they cant do it over night even if they started to work on it this year and if they rush the job its going to ripe with problems.

    Read Six Sigma and the Lean process from James P. Wolmack. Japan and China have been building Toyotas for the last 30 years under this process control that removes quality control from the manufacturing process. This process was needed because of the shortages after WWII in those countries and continues today.
    Not a single Toyota undergoes a final inspection before it is shipped to the States and we know how much junk those are.
    This is all part of the ISO 9000 and 9002 process that High tech firms are now following to remove waste--(MUDA)<---(SH|T) and create wealth in your corporation.

    So as you can see Intel is so far behind on a viable solution they are handcuffed by the industry standards they must follow.

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  11. As always-- Standard warning, SoDNighthawk is a clueless idiot. Take anything he says as the opinion of an incompetant clueless moron. Newbies following his advice may get burned, please seek a collaborating opinion at the least.

  12. Let me sum up SoDNighthawk's post:

    "Blah blah blah blah bullshit, blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah bullshit blah abla bullshit blah blah blah blah. Blah blah bullshit bullshit."
  13. By the way SOD, $500us = $660can, and the suggested retail price for a top of the line Ati video card is $750can. Dealers only have to sell for less if they want to stay in business. Street price is around $650can.
  14. Nah, that's not even close, to many "Blah" and not enough "Bullshit"

  15. Quote:
    How do you expect Intel to produce a viable 64 bit CPU

    Um, they do produce a viable 64-bit CPU, just not for the x86 market. Wait and see how Opteron fares in the highend workstation / low end server segment in the next year or two (it takes that long for anything to penetrate that market) where 64-bit software is already available. There is no indication that 64-bit is even needed in the x86 market area yet never mind eventual implementation

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  16. SoD....... I demand that you give me back the 1 minute of my life that you stole from me by forcing me to read through the utter drivel that is your post!

    Arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics. Even if you win your still retarded!
  17. sorry for the little vacation from this post. with regards to the 4,000 dollar...here is a little idea of the pricing that i have seen so far

    2x opteron 246 (2.0 ghz chip) $750 US = 1500
    1x tyan k2885 motherboard (dual oppie, with 8x AGP) = 500
    1x geforce 5950 fx ultra 256 mb = 440
    2gb corsair twin paried memory (about 300 for 1 gig) = 600

    already i have gone over 3,000 plus havent got the OS, dvd, network card etc etc..

    looking for a really robust system to last me the next 3-4 years :).
  18. Do you do animations or still renders with maya? If you're just doing single images, then go for a single cpu system. Actually, you might as well go for 2 systems. Maybe 2x athlon64 or maybe 2x FX-51. Give one 2 gigs of ram, a 36 GB raptor drive, a 160 gig drive, the good video card and whatever else you want. This can be your workstation.

    Then, use the rest of the money to get another single system with 512 mb ram and a 36 GB raptor drive. Go with a cheap ATI 7500/9200 or so video card. This one can be your single node render farm :)

    Try to get 2 motherboards with onboard gigabit lan, and use that to connect the 2 systems. Then use another network card in your workstation to connect to the internet.

    It's a thought.

    Some day I'll be rich and famous for inventing a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet.
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