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plz i need help in my problem
now i have windows xp and windows 7 installed so every time i turn on my pc i have to choose between the 2 systems and also i have to choose if i want to go to windows xp setup coz of a problem during installation happend before
now i want to remove this choice and also want to remove windows xp and want my pc to load windows 7 without any choices :D
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    If you don't want to just wipe your drive and reinstall Windows then download a copy of EasyBCD for Windows 7

    and edit your boot file to get rid of all references to Windows XP. You should then be able to ditch your Windows XP partition.
  2. ok i will thanks for ur help but btw why when i go to run and then msconfig i dont see windows xp in the list !
  3. EasyBCD will show you everything
  4. yeah thanks it helped much but still it didnt show the choice of installing windows xp so it still loads every time
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  6. Glad it worked out for you.

    Sometimes, I've learned to just not argue - even if something doesn't quite makes sense but works anyway just run with it!
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