I3 + Intel HD vs Turion II M520 + HD 4200

Hi everyone.
I want to buy a new laptop and i want to do a little gaming. Which one of these 2 computers do u recomend me? Becaus i see that in benchmarking, the intel HD takes a higher score than the HD 4200. But the HD 4200 is an ATI and maybe it will perform beter. What do you think?

- DV4 2145dx
Turion II Dual-Core M520 (2,3GHz, 1mb cache)
320gb HDD
ATI HD 4200 (with 128mb display cache and up to 1918mb shared)

- DV4 2165dx
Intel Core i3 330m (2.13GHz, 3mb L3)
Intel HD Graphics (up to 1696mb Shared)
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  1. For light gaming the Radeon HD 4200 is quite a bit more powerful than the Intel 4500HD.
    3DMark 05 scores from http://www.notebookcheck.net/
    ATI Radeon HD 4200 = 3051
    Intel GMA 4500HD = 1231
  2. Intel HD Graphics is not the 4500HD, Intel HD Graphis is the one that comesintegrated con Core i3 CPU
  3. Your right;
    Intel HD Graphics gets a 3DMark 05 score of 3126
  4. Passmark CPU Benchmarks:
    Intel Core i3 M 330 @ 2.13GHz = 2016
    Turion II Dual-Core M520 @ 2.3GHz = 1399
  5. Which one of the 2 pcs would be better for light gaming?
  6. Overall Turion M520 + ATI Mobility Radeon 4200 will perform better in gaming.

    Intel HD may have scored higher in benchmarks because of the pull from a faster processor.
    In real-world scenario Mobility Radeon 4200 will perform faster.

    On a side note: If you are looking at the benchmarks posted in some sites such as Notebookcheck then don't rely on that as most of the scores submitted there are garbage and unoptimized.

    FYI, my laptop (Toshiba L555D-S7005) scored 3.5K in 3DMark05, 4K in 3DMark03, 9.5K in 3DMark01.
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