My Next Gaming PC

Ok guys here is my next Pc.

Cpu: P4 3.0GHZ 800 MHZ
Mobo: ASUS P4P 800 deluxe (Intel 865pe Chipset)
Video Card: ATI RADEON 9800 Pro 128 MB
Memory: KINGSTON 1024Mb 400MHZ dual
Storage: MAXTOR 200GB Sata 8mb
Sound Card: Creatives S-blaster Audigy2
Case: Antec Lanboy 350w
Display: Viewsonic P95f+
Optical: A Lite on CD burner DVD reader

Id like some feedback from you guys but keep this in mind...

1-Gaming PC as stated above
2-I dont plan to overclock
3-I stick to INTEL

I also got some questions

1- Is 350w enough to power that rig?
2- Any better brand of Radeon 9800?
3- If i decide to buy two 120GB MAXTOR HD and run them in RAID 0 will i notice a difference in gaming?
4- If i pick DDR 3500 instead of DDR 3200 will i gain anything if i dont overclock?
5- Any particular memory timing i should look foward to?
6- Since the Radeon 9800 is kinda noisy will changing the stock P4 cooler for a ZALMAN CNPS700 AL-CU decrease the overall noise level?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. This I would go with no less than 450wt.

    As long as you have the money go for it!!

    F-DISK-Format-Reinstal DO DA!! DO DA!!
  2. Doesnt hurt to try it with the included 350W PSU. It's probably enough for that system.
  3. You MIGHT be able to get away with 350W on a good power supply, but I'd go at least 400W. On the other hand, Fortron Source has a 350W power supply that peaks at over 400W, and has a 120mm fan on the bottom for increase cooling/low noise, for only $36 at Newegg. This is a more powerfull unit than the Antec, and better at cooling as well.

    I'd TRY the Fortron 350W and sell the Antec. If the Fortron 350W unit still isn't good enough (it should be, but you won't know for certain until you try), finding another power supply with similar features and a higher rating is very difficult.

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  4. Thx for the info guys ill check for a 400w psu and maybe another case. As for my other questions any input?

  5. Get the Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS, it's the newset version and it's cheaper than the Audigy 2.
  6. Why not overclock? You could get a cheaper 3Ghz system that actually performs better than the one outlined above.
    even dropping down to the 2.8 saves $80, and would only require a very slight overclock to hit 3Ghz.

    If it was me I'd get a 2.6C... But if you don't wish to OC, then that's fine.

    There's no point in getting faster RAM if you don't overclock. You'll just be running the RAM below spec... Although as I say above, I'd recommend getting the faster stuff and a slower processor and ocing back up to >3Ghz

    I'd suggest getting separate DVD ROM and CDRW drives, as you can then do straight CD copying should you wish. Just makes it a little more flexible, and combined units don't really save you that much money.

    Again, there'll be little difference between different 9800Pro cards unless you're overclocking them (just some manus will obviously use cheaper RAM etc to keep costs down which won't oc so far).. Although I think the AIW versions are clocked lower, so will perform worse in gaming (although worse is a relative term.. They'll still be great gaming cards)

    Memory timings - the lower the better generally, but it's not anywhere near as important for an Intel rig as it would be for an AMD one.

    The RAID array would only speed up gaming during disk access, which with 1Gb of ram should only be during level transitions & while loading. If you intend to do stuff like Video encoding, or just want to be a real performance freak, then go ahead with the RAID setup, but I wouldn't bother personally.

    I would normally point out that 'sticking to Intel' is not really necessary, but there's no AMD XP chip that'll be any competition for a P4C 3Ghz, so there's no point in trying that argument. :wink:

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  7. The lanboy's 350w power supply seems pretty decent in my experience, BUT on that system I would probally upgrade to a Antec True550.

  8. 1. Perhaps, but why risk it when 400+W is $10 more?
    2. Yes, the 128MB 9800 Pro from Gigacube is probably one of the bast you can get.
    3. No
    4. Check for the memory timings. It may be that you can run DDR3500 at lower latentcies than DDR3200. In that respect CORSAIR is probably a better manufacturer.
    5. CL2 DDR400 is widely available now
    6. Yes, noise is cumulative.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Make sure you have real sweet monitor and decent 5.1 speakers for an awsome gaming experience.

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  9. You can allwayse goes for custom power supply is not so hard to make it really cheap to buy the component that making the soldering and the case that is a big probleme.It will performe much better that those you buy even more if you can get those old electronic device they subtaine more performance

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  10. The two best 9800 Pro cards are. ATI and Hercules.
  11. Hi, don't wanna start a new thread so I'll just ask here. I want something similar as saitch0 except I DO plan to overclock. I would prefer Intel over AMD (mainly because of the heat issue) but I'm ok with either.

    For overclocking, is a P4 3.0GHz too much? Or should I choose something a little older? P4 2.4 w/ HT?

    Also, what brand of RAM should I use and how much should I get? I realize that to overclock an Intel, everything should be at optimal for best results but that does seem quite expensive. Originally I was going for 512MB of Corsair but now I'm not sure. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  12. The price of the 2.6C is cheaper than 2.4C.
  13. Check the OC Cpu Forum for ram. OCZ is tops right now. You may want to go with PC4000EL copper.
  14. Basically it depends how much you overclock, 2.4c offers the best end multiplier if you are going for a massive overclock, but the 2.6c is cheaper and offers an excellent multiplier in its own right. I'd do a 2.6c if i were buying today, bang for performance and overclockability its probally the best buy out there. Ram wise you want to get some ddr500 or ddr566. ddr500 will give you a 250fsb*13=3250mhz which is quite fly. If you got a good cooling solution you might wanna go with ddr566.. but a fsb of 283mhz is pretty extreme... you probally wont be able to get that without water of vapo and having a real good chip/mobo togeather.

  15. Quote:
    For overclocking, is a P4 3.0GHz too much?

    Yes, a 2.6C or 2.4C will be a much better choice. plus it'll free up enough budget to get 1Gb of Ram (2x512 sticks) AS for which ram, the others have covered that one really.. PC4000 or above basically, in a matched pair.

    On a side note, there isn't really a 'heat issue' with AMD chips anymore, but an oced P4 will be the better performing.

    oh yeah - don't be afraid of starting a new thread :smile:

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  16. Thx for the info guys!!

    I just spotted another case from ANTEC its the sonata. It comes with a 380w power supply and is branded as a SILENT CASE.

    Anyone using that case and does it really reduce noise?
  17. Nope I'm using Antec 1080AMG with 430 True Power PSU. Quiet enough for me.
  18. Definatley get the Sapphire atlantis "ultimate edition" branded 9800 pro. It uses a heat pipe and so is noiseless!
  19. this is weird. is there some way to reply to the thread in general instead of to a specific person?

    anywho, i think i didn't ask an important question. if I get a P4 2.4GHz w/HT, is it even worth overclocking?

    if it is, what's a good solid speed i should aim for? 3ghz? 4ghz? or will that... kill it? =/ thanks for all the help!
  20. I OCed my 2.4C to 3.0. Thats all I wanted. Saved money without buying 3.0 in July.
  21. OK, since your building such a nice rig you need to save your money up for a 21 inch monitor. I just don't think the ultimate gaming rig is complete without something like a Viewsonic P225F 22inch/20inch visable .24 dot pitch monitor.
    I have a Mitsu Diamond Plus 200 that cost over 1K 3+ years ago and now you can beat it for about $600. The above listed monitor was at Newegg for $589 a couple weeks ago.
  22. Wow 22 inch all I have is 17inch. Looks like I'll have to buy another monitor.
  23. yes the missing option to just reply to the thread in general is beyond me

    I own the sonata, it's actually quieter than I thought but if I had a case again it would be the larger antec. I've don't know anything about oc'ing, but I would think that you would want to have more than two fans(only comes with one) if you were going to seriously boost your system.
  24. 1. I think an Antec 350W would just do it - to the point where you shouldn't connect too many fans. If it was generic I'd say it's not enough but since you don't seem to go cheap here, why not get a 400W?
    2. There's the Radeon 9800XT though I don't know if it's easy to get retail yet.
    3. Loading times and installation will go faster but I doubt you'd see games running 1-2 FPS faster.
    4. No, nothing. If anything, you'd lose performance.
    5. Most important, have CL at 2.0 (sometimes it's the only number stated and sometimes it's the first in a series of 4 like 2-3-2-6). Other timings should be also low, 2-2-2-6 is good, 2-3-2-6 is also good. The last number should be higher than the sum of the 2 middle numbers.
    5. I don't find the stock fan of the P4 to be too noisy and besides, changing it won't hush up the Radoen. HSF manufacturers including Zalman offer replacement HSFs for graphics cards, which will undoubtedly reduce noise. But be prepared to do some work on the card.

    I'm a nuclear reactor cooling system programmer, if you see me running, it's probably already too late.
  25. I have 5 fans in my 1080Amg. The more the better for kooling.
  26. Wow very helpful forum thx guys.After reading your answer I may be tempted to buy a 2.4ghz and overclock it but I have a few questions about that...

    1-Will a 2.4 ghz or 2.6 ghz overclocked to 3.0 ghz heat more than a true 3.0 ghz with similar cooler?

    2-Are all the changes needed to overclock BIOS based, or do I have to go play with jumpers and dip-switches on this mobo?
  27. 1-I'm not the one to answer this ????

    2-I would guess that it would be like my mobo-p4p800-which is ready to tweak and tamper with out of the box. No jumper setting needed to oc, but lots of jumpers for all sorts of crazy options.
  28. 2.4C will give you nice OC to 3.0. But 2.6C is cheaper. Buy that one.
  29. Is it possible to go higher than 3.0? Actually, a better question is, is it safe to go higher than 3.0? I don't want to waste a couple hundred on something that I'll end up accidentally destroying (Canadian prices - not as cheap as US prices).
  30. It hard to impossible to burn a P4 exception you try to unload 1000 volt in the cpu.

    I dont like french test
  31. With 2.6C OCed to3.2 will run stable with stock kooling. Beyound that you need new hsf plus more kooling ie case fans.
  32. yea, i read that from the overclocking forums. something about the p4 chips all made the same way and intel putting a lower/higher price on some of them etc.
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