New gaming computer...Need input.

-Intel Pentium 4 2.6Ghz / 512k Cache / 800Mhz FSB / Socket 478 / HyperThreading
-Seagate 120GB Serial ATA Hard Drive 7200 / 8MB / 9.4 / S-ATA-150
-OCZ Dual Channel EL 512MB PC4000 DDR 500MHz (2 x 256MB) Memory
-Connect3D Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB DDR AGP8X with TV-Out & DVI Video Card
-DFI LAN Party Pro 875 Socket 478 Motherboard

That's just the basics. How does that look. Are there any pieces you'd swap for something else that is in the same price range? Not sure which memory to get. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The main game I'll be playing is Horizons,
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  1. - If going with the LanParty, get revision B.

    - If not overclocking, PC3200/PC3500 ram will be fine. The above OCZ ram is mainly for overclocking.

    - Great CPU choice.
  2. ditch the good ram and buy a 9700 or 9800pro. this will give u better performance for the same price

    <A HREF="" target="_new">3dmark2001</A>

    2.4C @ 3.0G
    Asus P4C800
    Corsair 2x512 3200
    Sapphire 9600pro @ 500/700
    80G Seagate S-ATA150
  3. Ouch...$400 for the 9800 pro from Any other place to get it for a decent price. I see a lot of them on ebay but not sure if it's such a good idea to buy one off there.
  4. Any suggestions on different items?
    I'd like to spend about:
    -$200 for MB
    -$250 for CPU
    -$150 for Ram
    -$300 for Vid Card

    Obviously the cheaper the better but I'd like to have a decent system too.

    Any other MB's around that price that would be better for my application or is the DFI Lan Part pretty decent? has Pentium 4 2.6Ghz / 512k Cache / 800Mhz FSB / Socket 478 / HyperThreading / Processor for 159.99 after rebate right now which is pretty decent price. Not sure if I could find a 2.8 somewhere for a little more but again not even sure if the 2.6>2.8 is worth the extra $$.

    As for memory what should I get?
    Viking 512MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz Memory - $99.99
    Ultra Extreme Memory 512MB PC3500 DDR 433MHz - $104.99
    Something else...?
    Thanks for the suggestions. Built this computer that I'm on now just for temporary and would like to build a nice one this time as Horizons is coming out Dec 9th.
  5. Why Tiger Direct? NewEgg seems to be the consensus for people ordering online here in the US. Here is a pretty decent setup from NewEgg

    P4 2.6C - $176.00
    Abit IC7-G - $169.00
    Mushkin Level II (2x256) CAS.222 - $145.00
    ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB (Built by ATI) - $359.00

    The 9800 Pro is the retail version. The Mushkin is great ram.
  6. With the extra cash left over upgrade to 1g of ram instead of 512... :)

  7. im gonna ask the this question here save yet another thread.

    What do u guys think of alienware Gaming PC's, im probaly going to upgrade my pc on 1st jan, either building my own pc, buy one from alienware or buy one from those customize sites, which is better? i would have around 1200 pounds.
  8. Newegg or Tigerdirect works for me. I'll order from which ever has the better deal for the stuff. Wouldn't the DFI MB be slightly better than the Abit IC7-G?
  9. Ok well alienware PC's are just to damn expensive in uk, to much vat, so thats out of the question, think ill just build it.
  10. Is it worth it to spend an extra $40 to go up to the 2.8Ghz P4 over the 2.6? Not sure about OCing anything as I've never done any of it but this computer should be able to be overclocked a little I would think. I have no clue if it is even worth it to overclock it. If the longevity will be compromised or anything. I have a P4 2.66Ghz right now but it doesn’t have HT or 800FSB. Are there nice gains to be had from OCing the CPU or Memory, while still keeping it stable and not pushing the hardware near a problem area?

    Would I really need a gig of memory? I currently have a gig in this computer (on the slower side) and RARELY use even a small portion of that.
  11. I think this is more of a personal preference based on experience. I like MSI and Abit boards. They both are great performers with good features. I returned two DFI Nforce2 boards, so I'm not a big DFI fan. Abit makes the best overclocking boards and I like the MSI Neo2 for my P4 system. The revision B DFI boards have gotten good reviews, but I'll stick with what I've used.
  12. Dude, that pricing is way out, for your $900 you could better get

    MB MSI Neo2-FISR Retail $132
    CPU P4 3.0GHz $299
    GeIL Golden Dragon 512MB(2x256MB) PC3200 400MHz 5ns $125
    FICI Radeon 9800PRO, 128MB, VIVO DVI $345

    All with free shipping from <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    <A HREF="" target="_new">My PCs</A> :cool:
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