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I have a Hitachi Superscan 814 CRT 21". I'd love to use it, but I just can't find any working drivers for Win 7x64.

Does anyone know how to make a custom INF file or is that even possible? I just can't stand the generic windows driver; the refresh rate maxes out way too low. I have tried multires/powerstrip but they won't work, and even went to some elaborate tutorials on custom INF but I just couldn't figure it out.

Finally, if I decide to give it up, how much do you guys think I could sell it for? Or should I just scrap it. Thanks
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  1. I have found something that may work here:

    But when I try to update the driver, windows will say I already have the latest/best one installed. Could I edit the windows generic INF?

    Honestly, nothing helps you frag better than 1280x1024 @ 160hz vs my "brand new" LCD that produces tearing anything above 60fps.
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    There's a limit while using Win7 at 85hz
  3. Ugh. 85hz =( Thanks for the answer
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