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Which laptop to get?

OKay heres 3 laptops... 2 are refurbished and I was wanting to know what one you all recommended getting.
So heres the first one:
second one:
and the third one is the same as the second one but it is brand new in box and 800$
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    I would go for the first one because of having more RAM and a better CPU
  2. yea but it has vista.. does that make a big difference? and it costs 80$ more... is it worth spending the extra cash? And I wasent sure if you would notice the ram difference cause other one has 4vs6, would you notice a difference you think? And the screen is 16 in vs 17 so you would be playing on a smaller display, would that make up for a a slower processor?
  3. Not much,you can upgrade to 7 anytime :)
  4. ahh kk, thanks
  5. You are welcome :)
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