Odd behaviour scaring me

First, My system. P4 3ghz, Abit IC7, 9800Pro

I installed an SP-94 heatsink recently and removed the northbridge heatsink from my Abit IC7 thinking I could install the Zalman heatsink I bought. The HS didn't fit my northbridge but the SP-94 went on fine. I also put a Zalman VGA heatpipe on my 9800pro. I cleaned the old HSF for my MB and put it back on with AS5. It had a pad on the HS before.

All was fine for 3 or 4 days. Suddenly today my computer starts acting strange. Its rebooted on me 3 times and my CD RW drive has vanished from my "my computer". I checked for a virus and it came up clean.

Could this be some sort of short caused by AS5 on my MB? If so, how did this remove my CD-RW? Also, why was everything fine for 4 days? Maybe removing the pad on the bottom of the HS and using AS5 was a bad idea?

I'm really confused as to what is going on atm....
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  1. im not too sure, but would the rebooting thing happen to have a message that says 'im rebooting in 1 minute, save all ur crap all else' coz if tts the case u might hav the blaster.. cd-rw missing happened to me b4, check if bios still can see it.. if can juz add it again

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  2. Check in your bios and watch the power rails a bit, I had a similar problem a while back. Turns out one of my rails was running way way way below what it should have been.. not enough to keep from booting but enough to randomly reboot it everytime it dropped .1 / .2

  3. Speedfan says my volts are all good, and I have an Antec TrueBlue 480w powersupply which is a good one.

    BIOS does see the cd-RW, just XP doesn't. I tried scanning for new hardware manually but XP didn't see it.
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