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Currently I have an old computer, with about the only usable part being a Radeon 9600 pro. I do a lot of gaming, and I am looking to upgrade just about everything and I am wondering about 2 choices. 1, what processor should I buy? I am looking at either the Intel 2.4/2.6c or Athlon 64. I am kinda confused about what versions the Athlon 64 was released at... 3200+ only or the 3000+. I'm not really excited about 400 dollars for the 3200+, and I thought I saw a 3000+ for 232 dollars which is more my budget. Also, should I upgrade my graphics card? I have another computer (2.4b) that I can put the 9600 pro into, so would it be worth buying like a 9800 np? Thanks for any and all help.
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  1. On my current computer I'm running MSI K7 333 FSB, 1 gig of 2700 DDR ram, AMD 2600 XP cpu, and a Radeon 9700 pro. With Win XP pro. I haven't had a problem yet with gaming. Just upgrading my ram and graphics card has improved my gaming. I will say that you should make sure your power supply is at least 350 watts, because the 9700 pro requires it's own power supply.
  2. buy a 2.6c as they are the best performance/value chip. make sure you buy a 9800np not a 9800se because there are some major differences. put it on either an asus p4p800-d or an abit ic7-g with ddr 3500 and you will be doing well

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  3. Hang onto 9600Pro. The Vid cards are due Mar or Apr.
  4. Do you plan on OCing your Cpu?
  5. I would get good cooling so I could OC, but until my computer gets outdated I wouldn't.
  6. But are they better than an Athlon 64? I will spend an extra 100 bucks to get an athlon 64 3000+ if there is one...
  7. On anandtechs website they say the athlon64 is the fastest cpu for gaming.( on most hardware sites too) So if you want the fastest now, its the athlon 64.
    Really though all the top cpus from intel or Amd are really good. Any way you go is a good way to go.
  8. There is Athlon 64 3000+, for "desktop replacement" notebooks, not for Desktops. They should work in desktop boards.

    Keep in mind that A64 3000+ vs. P4-C 3.0 GHz will be less competitive than A64 3200+ vs. P4-C 3.2 GHz. Because A64 3000+ runs at 1.8 GHz and A64 3200+ runs at 2.0 GHz. A64 200 MHz performs much better than P4 200 MHz.

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  9. Well, to save 200 bucks couldn't I just OC 200 mhz?
  10. Put the Radeon in the 2.4B and voila! a completely adequate gaming system!

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  11. Well, the 2.4b is a small form factor PC. It's PCI card is already used up with a wireless networking slot, so I don't really want to use that as a main PC since it has no upgradability whatsoever.
  12. A64 3000+ costs ~$150 less than A64 3200+. It's price/performance ratio is definately better than A64 3200+. Though less compititivie, it should have no problem outperforming P4-C 3.0 GHz in gaming. I don't know how you'll overclock A64 3000+. I haven't seen any people/website overclocked Socket 754 A64s.

    It may not be easy to find, too. I haven't seen (DTR) A64 3000+ in pricewatch. Maybe it's available only for OEMs?

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  13. Captain Obvious says a XP3000+ and a R9800np will be more than enough for good gaming!

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  14. I just built a gaming pc for my friend.
    p4 2.6c
    msi neo2 ls
    antec 420 true blue
    kingston hyper x kit 2x512gb pc3200
    Pretty sweet generic case.
    radeon 9800pro
    He bought a viewsonic flat screen crt.

    Plays every game out without a flaw on highest graphics possible.
    Halo Pc is godly on it.
    Add some better memory like pc3500 and some nice cooling you should be doing great with oc'ing.
    I really like the msi mainboard. Definately wish that system was for me and not him. :P

    p4 2.8 533fsb
    intel mobo
    1gb rdram pc 800
    radeon9800 pro
    120gb seagate s-ata
  15. thands johanthegnarler, If I get the intel, I would probably get the abit IS7 though. But I can't afford the 9800 pro so if I get the non pro then OC, I think I'll do fine.
  16. Stick with yer 9600 until early next year, there is a new line of cards then and a 9600 with a new p4 or new axp/a64 will be more than enough until then.

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