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Fixed!!! (Help! PC doesn't start...)

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November 22, 2003 3:31:37 PM

UPDATE! Posted problem is fixed!!! Turned out to be faulty PS. Bought new Antec 400 W PS, put all the components back in ok. PC is working again! Thank you all!!!


OP: HELP!!! PC doesn't start...

When I press start button - all fans (on processor, case, PS) spin for a second and stop... Subsequent pressing on start button produce no effect. Only after turning power off by flipping switch on PS or UPS or unplugging the cord from electrical outlet and plugging it back makes it possible to try to turn it on. But then again... all fans (on processor, case, PS) spin for a second and stop...but MB's indicator light is staying green all the time, when power is on. MB doesn't make any beeps, monitor doesn't display anything, guess not enough time for it, turns off too quick.
I tried to remove all components sequentially and tried to start, to no avail... Now only MB and CPU with fan left and it's still does the same... There are no bulging or leaking capacitors on MB and PS. There wasn't any surges or thunderstorms recently, at least not bad enough to offset clocks, and I'm using 450 W UPS.
Please Help! Writing from the library, check up tomorrow. Thank you all in advance!!!

I built this PC for the first time more then a month ago, and it worked fine, except there was no sound... And now this...

CPU: AMD Athlon XP Barton 2500+
(1.83GHz, 512KB L2 Cache, 333MHz, Socket A)
Heat sink/fan: AMD, provided with processor
Motherboard: Asus A7N8X 2.0 Deluxe, (400 MHz FSB)
Sound: Nvidia NForce2 on-board chip, built-in
Memory: 2x256 MB DDR, Kingston PC 2100 (266 MHz)
Video Card: ATI Radeon 9800 PRO 128 MB (OEM)
Modem: Best Data 56HP92-PCT,56 K,V92,Internal PCI
Hard Drive: Western Digital 120 GB,7200 rpm,8 MB buffer
CDRW: Lite-on 56x24x56
DVD ROM: Lite-on 16x
Case: Xtreme Gear's with window, LED fan, ATX
Power supply: PowMax LP-8800D, 400 Watts:
(+5v/30A, +5Vsb/2A, +3.3v/28A,
Speakers: Wave 691, Powered
Monitor: 21' Sony Multiscan CPD-E540
Keyboard: Logitech Elite Duo(+ mouse)wireless
UPS: Energizer ER-HM450, 450 Watts
Internet: Dial up modem connection
(usually @ 44 Kbps)
Oper. System: Windows XP Pro Russian, SP1
Interface: IDE

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November 22, 2003 5:16:49 PM

either the mobo is shorted somewhere, or the power supply is bad. every time ive had the problem where the power wouldnt work until i unplugged it from the wall and plugged it back in, it was a power supply gone bad. cs game server -