What kind of damage will happen if a power cord is pulled out of a laptop

my powercord was snatched out of my laptop. The battery died eventually and now lap top wont turn on at all HELP
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  1. It may have got jammed in sleep mode.

    Remove power cord. Take the battery out. Press the power switch. Attach power cord. Try switch again.

    If it doesn't respond when you attach the power cord and press power switch again, leave the computer without battery or power cord overnight, try again.
  2. I would then recommend leaving the laptop plugged in (make sure the laptop is receiving power- look for the LED) and fully recharge the battery. Sometimes laptops won't turn on without a fully charged battery, either because it isn't receiving enough current or it knows the battery is dead and doesn't want it to shut off randomly in case the cord is pulled again.
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