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I have done a system backup of my portable and restored it to a larger hard disk. Everything is working OK except for Windows Update. When I try to run Windows Update I get a task isn't running message - Unknown Error 8024A000. I have replaced the old hard disk and Windows Update works just fine.
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  1. It woud be ever so helpful if you would let me know the information you need :)
  2. I have followed the instructions in the link, but the problem persists. The shield in the Check for Windows Updates box is red with a X on it. If I click Check for Updates I get the message "Windows Updates cannot currently check for updated because the service is not running". It doesn't gibe the name of the service.
  3. I have asimilar problem with an Acer computer when I upgraded the disc drive. I have not found a solution yet. Some are pointing toward the 'Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver'. I have tried to update this from the HP and intel web site, but I then get an error stating that my computer is "not up to the specification" or similar wording
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