Laptop to run WoW smoothly?

Hello :)

pretty much i'm just wondering if this laptop is capable of running wow smoothly and if so would it be possible to fraps whilst playing or would that be too much on the system? :)

do you think i will be able to find anything better for the price?

my budget is around £700 at the very max.
ps. im in the uk.
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    here is the link, accidently added a word to it at the end and i can't edit.
  2. freind has the same laptop runs wow on high settings with ease. around 40-60fps
  3. are you sure as some other people have said it will only handle medium, how do you think it will handle frapsing gameplay at the same time
  4. wow is old its doesnt take a beast to play it on max also it will not run good during raids theres just to many people also what ya internet speed will effect it also.
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