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I have a Tascam 8 input portostudio 2488. It has 4 xlrs and 4 mic in inputs. I am making a live recording of a rock band. I have 4 singers which take up the 4 xlr inputs. I want to mic 3 amps with Shure 57s. Should I buy 3 mic cables that terminate with a RCA plug to use the mic in\line inputs on the 2488? Or should I go out of the line out (pre amp out on Fender Hot Rod Deluxe)? Which is better solution?

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  1. Mic the amp- is always better for sound quality.
    Buy adapters XLR to RCA, much cheaper than a whole cable!
    But, you understand that you can not use the XLR inputs and RCA inputs at the same time? You have to switch between one or the other.
    Otherwise, you need a mixer with more inputs, laddie.

    Now that I have looked at what you are doing, you need at least 12 input mixer--- 4 vocal mics, three guitar mics, drum mic(s), bass mic, keyboard mic, etc...
    the outputs of the 12 channel will feed the inputs of your Tascam.
    No, there is no way that a four channel mixer is going to do this job, time to graduate to a real mixer.
  2. thanks. I tried using female xlr\male 1/4 for a mic and the gain drop off was not acceptable. You are correct. I need to buy a mixer.
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