Suggest a Budget MP3 player please

I am looking to buy a budget mp3 player for myself during travelling.So i have listed a few..Please suggest the best one..

SONY mp4 player 2gb version-NWZ-e435f,
PHILIPS GoGear SA2825-

Please guide.As i used to listen music in my cell phone only,I have no idea about mp3 players. :pfff:
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  1. I can't really give you any suggestions since I'm not in the market for a MP3 player and I don't look at budget devices. But you can click on the following link for some reviews of MP3 players. I think they have one for the Sandisk Sansa Clip.

    My choice,my son has it ^
  3. i've used nothing but ipod-classics and nanos in the past so i'm not a great judge on non-ipod budget entries but i purchased a sony walkman mp3 player a few years ago as a gift for someone and it worked very well... it even included a built in radio.
  4. I have used a Sansa Fuse for a couple of years and have had no complaints at all. It also plays flac files which are not compatible with many mp3 players including iPODs.
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