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Black Screen on waking up screen on WIn 7


This problem started with XP and I decided to upgrade to win 7 pro. :(

My PC has a black screen on wake up more times than not. Wake up is set for a login screen normally.

My settings are screen saver after 10 mins then send screen to sleep in 20 mins, no hibernation mode, rest machine remains alive, runs 24/7 normally.

I have swapped the power supply and graphics card with ones that work in the same model PC and no joy.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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  1. Try to follow these instructions:

    That solution may be relevant to Windows 7 as well.

    Let me know if that solved your problem.
  2. Thanks for your reply.

    Just checked and it is ticked.

    Just to clarify in case it helps when I attempt to wake the PC up the power light for on fires up, but just black screen.
  3. Oh and the mouse is working.
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    There is no one simple answer on these types of issues.

    You need to check and generally update:
    your motherboard bios
    your GPU bios
    graphics driver
    and that assumes everything else is running fine.

    Bad memory can lead to that sort of failure mode
    As the article states, USB devices contribute to incorrect starting.
    Add-in cards are always suspect in my opinion.

    In one instance for me, it was the graphics driver that caused this very same issue.
  5. Thanks for the advice.

    I will continue eliminating components.
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