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Hello ,

I recently bought a dell u2311h for my computer and would also like to use it for my ps3 .The monitor has no HDMI but DVI VGA and a DisplayPort .The VGA i won't be using because of the poor quality.

I thought to use the DVI cable for the computer and to use the DisplayPort for PS3 since my video card doesn't have display port.

The question is what should I buy? I've been looking on the internet and saw that people use DisplayPort - HDMI adapters . but I aslo saw DisplayPort - HDMI cables . There are apparently different hdmi cables ( female , male , 1.3 ,1.3b ,... ) which one do i need ?

I also saw a couple of displayport - dvi adaptors and buying one of those and hooking up a dvi -hdmi cable , will that work ?

I would like to see the display from the ps3 in 1080 p on my monitor if possible

Thanks in advance

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  1. Cant say I have used displayport much, but assuming that both are digital, I would get an hdmi to displayport adapter. For best quality, I would be sure that you get the fastest hdmi you can, the higher the number, the more bandwidth it should have, which means better resolutions, etc. Cant gaurantee that setup will work but if they are digital connections all around, it should I think.
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