Looking to buy a new gaming laptop... on a budget

Hey all iv been working with computers my whole life.. DESKTOPS iv had 1 laptop im pretty well versed in software but struggle some when it comes to hardware... so iv enlisted some help in buying my BRAND NEW laptop muhahaha! well the one im looking at currently is this one right here.. what ya think? my budget is $740-$1000 with a EXTREME CAP at $1100 and suggestions? ideas? thanks!


(also id prefer to be able to buy it in a store i live in Minnesota but im not restricted by it)
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  1. What are you planning to do with your laptop? (gaming, editing, etc.)

    Anyways please fill out the sticky, to help us help you.
  2. well mostly gaming id say a good 99% of its use.. and sorry to be a noob but where do i fill out the "Sticky"?
  3. Stickys are at the top of the topic lists. For gaming, this machine is fine. See the following link for info on your graphics card.

  4. ok but how do i fill it out?
  5. Copy the template and answer the questions
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