Is this a fair Replacement Laptop?

I got this SXPS 16 in OCT of last year and after many issues with this laptop(throttling, GPU failures, Keyboard issues, Screen Issues, Overheating, and Motherboard fails) I am getting a replacement and well want to know is it fair as its almost 200 bucks cheaper and IDK much about laptops mostly curious about the processor? and how much better is this replacement going to be as far as overall performance and gaming and what not? i was told that the 4870-is better than the 4670 as well.

Original System: Dell SXPS 1640

C2D T9900 3.06GHZ 6mb L2 Cache
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670 1GB GDDR3
256GB Samsung PM800 SSD
Intel Wifi-Link 5300 Ultimate N
16' 1920 x1080 Full 1080P HD RGBLED
Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR
Blu-ray Burner 4x
Original cost $2,989

Replacement System: Alienware M17x R2
Core i7-720QM(4c/8t 1.6GHZ-2.8GHZ) 6 MB L3 cache
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4870 1 GB no memory type is listed
256GB High Performance SSD
Intel Wifi-link 6300
Blu-ray combo drive read only
17.3" 1920x1200 RGBLED (1200P) what is 1200P?
Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
5.1 Channel Audio
Cost: $2,805

Sorry if this is like an ultimate noob question, But I really don't know? Also, what issues should I be aware of with the Alienware M17x R2 and what does R2 mean?
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    Its a good replacement.
    You'll get a faster CPU/VGA and a slightly better screen.
    Also R2 = Revision 2(because AW M17x Revision 1 uses Core 2 Duo CPUs instead)
    Also 1200P= 1920x1200 resolution=more pixels than 1920x1080(1080i) resolution
  2. Thanks again Maziar you have helped me out twice now thats why I asked the difference between the 4870 and 4670 before because I am getting this as a replacement. So I was just curious about the processor

    Also are there any issues with the M17xR2 that I should be aware of?

    tried searching google couldn't find anything on this R2 one so I'm guessing thats good :D
  3. There was a micro-stuttering issue that people were experiencing with the last generation of M17x's. This is something that Dell has been working on, though I have no clue if they have fixed it or not.

    But I agree with Maziar. You are getting a new Quad Core CPU and a much faster graphics card in the 4870. I think it's a pretty fair trade :)
  4. Try looking at here and see other people's experiences but remember that there are always satisfied and dissatisfied customers with a product
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