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I need to figure out what is the positive + negative connector on the back of a fisher floor speakers. They are old and were working, but I had to disconnect and now have to connect them to receiver. There is a red connector knob that has 8 OHMS abd a black connector that has COM.
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  1. It won't destroy your speakers if you hook them opposite just put them out of phase. Red is positive and black is negative.

    Just curious, are those speakers built in the USA? If they are they could be worth some money. Fisher was a good stereo manufacturing company in the U.S. before they got bought out by a Japanese company and then started producing low end products.

    the Prisoner.
  2. I contacted someone from a stereo connector supplier and they gave me the same information. It is now connected and works.

    The speakers are old, probably made in the USA. My husband purchased them a long time ago and he always said they were very good and they are very heavy. I can not ask him as he has died.

    Thank youy,
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