which system work best with winXP??

I had serious problems with my PC

I bought this about a year ago:

Tyan Trinity KT-A (S2390B) With ATX-VIA Apollo KT133A chipset

AMD Duron 800Mhz CPU

Quantum 40G ATA-100E-IDE 7200 rpm

128M PC-133 SDRAM

250W power surpply

Toshiba 16x DVD E-IDE

Teac 12x10x32 E-IDE CD-RW

Asus 7100 Gf2 MX TV 32M

Aver TV Tuner

Panasonic 1.44M Floppy Drive

Creative Lab Value V.4830 PCI

OS: win98 se

This Computer always "freeze" at the middle of works.... it happened to all kinds of
programs, such as winamp, microsoft word, icq, easy cd creator, IE, media player......
or even to the disk defragmenter and the scanner....

People always tell me that I am very likely to have problems with the power surpply,
so I got a better one:

ATX Enermax P-4 365W Grade-A Dual Fan

It didn't solve the problem, so I add a ram (256M PC-133 SDRAM), replace the hard drive
(IBM 80G IDE-HDD 7200 rpm), and do a clean installation of Windows XP HOME ED... then...
the situation becomes worse... I cannot install the applications I need (like office 97,
easy cd creator 4.02e, norton antivirus 2003...), the setup wizard always tell me that
the required files are corrupted or missing, and reboot my computer... sometimes I cannot
come back into the winXP, so I have to re-build the whole thing again.

Rebooting also happens when I am burning CD, or copying files from a CD to the hard drive,
as well as I try to do the windows updates. SP1 inistallation corrupted the windows
all the times.

I have no idea of what to do now...
Could it be motherboard or CPU's Problems??
Is Tyan Trinity KT-A (S2390B) too old for winXP??
Or could someone tell me which system work best (more stable) with winXP??
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  1. It really could be anything from hardware to software. Try checking you cpu/gpu temps with mbm 5. If you got access to another computer swap parts to test them. Could be your bios is set up wrong or u need different VIA drivers.
    Pass the computer on to an experienced friend to lok at and buy him a beer!

    <font color=purple> "After great thought, things are always bought from the lowest bider"</font color=purple>
  2. You say you added a stick of ram, but did you try taking the old stick out and just using the new one?

    The heat suggestion is good, and maybe video.
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