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Hi i game a lot mostly css tf2 and cod and i was wondering which mouse is better for gaming and which one is the best bang for its buck. the microsoft sidewinder x8 seems decent but the price at 100 show my concern for how good the mouse can be compared to the $60 price on the deathadder.

So i ask you guys which do YOU prefer and why. and can you tell me which one is better for the money?
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  1. Most any mouse can be used for gaming: it all comes down to what fits your hand the best. I'm unfamiliar with the sidewinder but spending $100 on a mouse will not make you a better gamer.

    I replaced my old mx1000 with the new razer.. not sure if its the deathadder or not. It has the two buttons on the left side but not the two in the top left corner. Plenty of adjustments to DPI and button mapping as well as a shape that fits my hand. If you're unsure go to Best Buy or a local hardware store and try it out.
  2. Get the Logitech MX 518.. Its the best gaming mouse till date.. Also pretty cheap.. The Razer Deathadder is good but the build quality on the Logitech is better and unlike the Deathadder, the MX 518 has on the fly dpi adjustment buttons which surely come in very handy..
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